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Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, Self-Serve, On-The-Side. Ventura Foods' understands that it has become increasingly difficult to meet all of the different demands of today’s customer. Ventura Foods' Asian, Dipitt!, Monsoon and the PC line of condiments and sauces offer the variety and flexibility to satisfy every customer’s need. Whether you are trying to reduce waste, improve food safety, or provide single serves for meals on the go, Ventura Foods' condiments have individual portioned condiments in various flavours to accompany any meal of the day. 

Monsoon Premium Sauce

Monsoon Premium Sauce

Made with selective ingredients and kettle simmered for hours to heighten their taste, Monsoon sauces will infuse intense flavour and excitement into your appetizers and entrees.

No matter how you choose to apply them, these convenient ready-to-use sauces will help you respond to the growing popularity of Asian cuisine and the latest in fusion cookings.

  • Easy and Ready to serve
  • Extensive variety of flavours
  • Premium Asian sauces
  • Basis of ALL Chinese cooking
Product Name Pack Size Product Code UPC CODE SCC CODE
Ginger Garlic Stir Fry Sauce 70002 759318700026 10759318700023
Spicy Thai 70003 759318700033 10759318700030


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